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Zuma´s Regional Drivers of Change May 4, 2009

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by Mathias de Alencastro

South Africa is having one of the hardest socioeconomic crises since the ANC came to power. Although the country is technologically advanced, it hasn’t been capable of sustaining his energetic needs. The Rand, underachiever currency of the year, lost 12% against the dollar in the past months. The growing inflation and the high interest rates slow down the foreign investments. Supposedly the model of Africa’s development, South Africa is recaptured by its own demons. Mbeki’s “Africa’s renaissance” doctrine is not convincing.

Photo by Fábio Zanini

Photo by Fábio Zanini

Jacob Zuma arrival to the head of the ANC and his election as president are taking place through an important transition period in Southern African politics. Presidential elections will be held in Angola and Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe is facing its deepest crisis. Apparently, Jacob Zuma found an external solution for the South Africa internal crisis. This approach might shatter the regional relations in Southern Africa