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France is back – let’s call them “NATO fries” February 26, 2009

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by Anita Kirpalani

Nicolas Sarkozy hit again with his politics of reform. But this time, by deciding to bring France back into NATO’s military command, he struck against the mythology of his own political family. It is too bad that, for once, the Gaullist narrative of independence from the United States is, in France, actually shared by both the left and the right.

NATO Summit: French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. (Photo: AFP)

The fearless President is trying to bring down what appears to be a national monument, creating havoc at a particularly dreary time of strikes and plummeting public support, and not so long after a French NATO soldier was killed in Afghanistan. At least, one must grant Sarkozy that he finally managed to bring consensus amongst the French political elite – against him.

But if Charles de Gaulle would probably turn in his grave in protestation, US President Barack Obama might hope for more. Will France finally become tame and docile and pull the curtain on its dissident period of the opposition to the war in Iraq? Will she take important position in NATO in exchange for sending more troops to Afghanistan, answering Obama’s call? Will she nip in the bud the nascent attempts to create a European defense she actually advocated for? Is this the long anticipated reconciliation between French fries and Freedom Fries? Did somebody actually win?