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The failure of Plan Colombia: a story of success March 16, 2009

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by David Díaz

The name of Cesar Gavíria by itself might not elicit worldwide recognition, but the former president of Colombia will always be remembered for orchestrating the military operation leading to the death of legendary drug lord Pablo Escobar. Such an achievement warrants the former first secretary of the OEA with an immaculate spot in the war against drugs’ hall of honor.

Yet, in a meeting with former presidents Zedillo (Mexico) and Cardoso (Brazil), Gavíria himself turns to be  advocating a change in drug policy, and his new stance stems from a simple conclusion: the war on drugs has been a failure. The latest chapter of this ongoing saga of erratic episodes is the bloodshed crippling the corrupted Mexican state of Ciudad Juarez where drug lords have overtaken the city.

However, in the drug war saga, another country has played a pivotal role in the experimentation of anti-drug policies: Colombia. (more…)