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Obama’s Presidency: balancing expectations January 26, 2009

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by Vera Quina

Hope for Africa too?

Hope for Africa too?

On Tuesday, the 20th of January Barack Hussein Obama, the first Afro-American winning the White House, was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America. I did not have a chance to go to Washington and see it live; in fact, at the time of Obama’s speech my plane was landing in Newark, New Jersey. But while I was waiting in the long queue of immigration, I managed to get some glimpses of the inauguration ceremony and was pleasantly surprised and touched by seeing the streets of D.C filled with thrilled faces of so many African Americans. When the TV screened showed a man selling T-shirts with a picture of the White House and the slogan “THE BLACK HOUSE” I could not help to crack a smile.

During his campaign Obama surely fueled dreams, and African-Americans, many of whom long felt estranged with politics, listened and gained “HOPE”.

But what will a black President really bring to Africans in the United States and in Africa?