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Mission & Vision

Mundo Project is a global student forum that wishes to develop youth cosmopolitanism by bridging the cultural divide between young minds.

Despite living in an interconnected world, few young people actually have the opportunity to relate with their counterparts somewhere in the world and debate current affairs. Apart from some exchange programs abroad destined to a privileged minority, we tend to narrow our vision of the world to a national -or at best regional- scope. 

Our aim here is to create a truly international platform, where global themes concerning social, economic and politic issues that affect each and every one of us are discussed in a multifacted fashion.

Our goal is to offer a website in constant evolution, where young people with different backgrounds and visions of our world can meet, tackle the same issues with different perspectives and foster debate.

We are convinced that this permanent global youth forum is a fundamental tool to deepen our knowledge about our world and the people that live in it, promoting a more accurate vision of global affairs.


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