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Our aim is to become a global forum, so we welcome you, young people from all around the world, to exchange your ideas with us.

Remember, this is an enriching opportunity to get to debate with your counterparts worldwide, and enhance your understanding and vision of our world.

So, don´t loose momentum and get involved now by writing your own personal articles that tackle global thematics.

It is important to chose a theme that is general enough in order to catch the attention of the many and foster international debate.

Just send your articles to info@mundoproject.org or use the contact form below.

Important – Article requisites:

The articles should have between 600 and 800 words, single spaced with a title and visible subtitles, to highlight the main ideas conveyed.


– The comments to our webpage articles do NOT need to be in english. We know that some people read english quite easily but feel less confortable writing it, so feel free to contribute in which language you prefer. – Les commentaires aux articles de Mundo Project ne doivent PAS nécessairement être en anglais. Écrivez dans la langue qui vous convient le mieux. – Los comentarios a los articulos de Mundo Project NO tienen que ser en ingés. Escriban en el idioma en el que se sienten más cómodos. – Os comentários para os artigos do Mundo Project NÃO precisam de ser em inglês. Escrevam na língua que lhes der mais jeito

We hope to hear from you soon,

Mundo project team
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