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About us

Mundo Project started as a group of six graduate students based in Paris, New York, St Gallen, London and New Delhi who decided to gather to discuss and debate today’s world.

We felt that most articles that relate to politics and international affairs suffer both from a disenchanted commitment to reality or from a somewhat tedious academic tone when analyzing it.

This unfortunately leaves few opportunities for imaginative solutions and innovative suggestions tasks that we, young and curious students without a pre-determined conception of the “real” word, aim to undertake.

In this website, we will post articles wrote by young people scattered around the world that are anchored to the news and prompt a broader thinking about current affairs.

Vera Quina

veraBorn and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, she went to France to start her higher education at Sciences Po Paris. With an undergraduate with a focus in Political Science and Latin America, she did an exchange year in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she concentrated in Security studies and Conflict Resolution.

There she also contacted the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), where she did a one-month internship.However, it was definitely in Bogotá, Colombia, where she had the most fulfilling experience, by getting to deal with the harsh reality of the daily life of the IDPs´ suffering from the consequences of a never-ending conflict.

Currently finishing her Master’s Degree in International Affairs at the School of International and Political Affairs at Columbia University, New York, she is specializing in multidimensional approaches towards peacebuilding. She will be writing mostly about Africa and conflict issues.


Emmanuel Neisa

neisaHe was born in Bogota, Colombia, where he attended the French school and went to France to begin his higher education at Sciences Po Paris. He obtained his undergraduate diploma in Latin American studies and Political Science and then went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to study at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in the frame of a one-year exchange program. Then, he interned for two months at the Colombian Ministry of Culture.

In 2006, he began his Master’s degree in Communications at Sciences Po and decided to take a gap year to gain working experience. He lived in New Delhi for 8 months, interning at Digital Empowerment Foundation, an Indian NGO working with issues related to ICT’s (Information and Communication Technologies) for development. He worked analizing the impact of the Internet and mobile telephony in the upliftment of rural areas in South Asia. He is now living in New York, where he is doing an internship at the Social Science Research Council, in the Media and Democracy Program. Click here to access his CV.


Didac Gutierrez-Peris

Dídac was born in Barcelona where he studied at a French Lycée. He holds a Bachelor in Political Science from Sciences Po Paris and spent the last year of his undergraduate degree in Brasilia, working for the Brazilian government and studying International Relations.

At the moment he is taking part in the first Class of a new master’s degree in European Politics established between the London School of Economics and Sciences Po Paris.

He will be writing from London for Mundo Project, mostly about how the “Old Continent” faces its new 21st century dilemmas.



Diego A. Zamuner

Born in Salta, Argentina, he was raised in Buenos Aires by an immigrant family. After finishing his secondary studies at the Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini, he decided to continue his education in France. Thus, he obtained his first diploma in Business Administration in Lyon, at the Lyon 3 University. He then joined the undergraduate program of Latin American Studies at Sciences Po Paris, which he completed with a long-term internship at the Arias Foundation in San José, Costa Rica. There, he worked on several research projects related to political development in Central America.

Currently finishing the second year of a Master’s Degree in Development Economics at Sciences Po Paris, he is now interning at the Centre de Sciences Humaines, a French research centre based in New Delhi, India. There, he is studying the economic reforms implemented at the state level in India, trying to understand why large regional disparities in terms of economic and human development persist in such a dynamic country.

He is interested in political and economic development issues, with a regional focus in Latin America and the Indian subcontinent.


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